Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Very Un-merry Christmas Present

After reading everyone's comments/emails about Macey's hair acknowledging how much of it she has, I realized that I never shared the story of our unmerry Christmas present. When we were in Michigan for the holidays, Macey lost all of her adorable hair...all in 5 days time. I tried blaming it on the mesh siding of the pack n' play...because i brushed it too much, blah blah. Truth is, it was time for it to go. I am having a surprisingly difficult time with it because she looks like a balding old man. For awhile, and in most of these pictures, she had really long hair on the sides and NOTHING in the back. Well, I can admit when my kid looks bad and she looked BAD. So this week she got a long overdue haircut. She looks cute again, but I can't seem to avoid the Donald Trump combover and side wings. So I am basically traumatized by the experience and will just sit, rather impatiently, until it decides to grow back. But until then, pictures of Macey may be few...unless she looks like this:
Just kidding. But let's just take a look at the horrendous process that has taken place:

Look at her ridiculously cute hair...

Which over the course of 6 months turned into this...EEK...
And this.... (sad)

And finally...this. It's the best I can do.

On a happier note, here are some cute pictures we've taken recently:

Ryan and Grandpa Miller were dancing around last weekend wearing matching hats and sunglasses. For Grandpa's sake, I won't post the video :)

He is so cute...even when he is chasing me around with the ball popper!

Storytime. I love how Macey's little hand is reaching up to grab the book. Ryan was getting pretty annoyed because she kept grabbing his feet. But he didn't throw a vaseline jar at her this time. What a good big brother.

Finally he gave up reading and decided he wanted to try walking around with Macey. She doesn't think it's quite as funny as Scott and Ryan do.

Jenn and Steph, this one is for you:

Friday, January 16, 2009

bumps and bruises

Today Ryan threw a vaseline jar at macey's head, which definitely resulted in some bruises. There was a lot of screaming...most of it was very insincere cying by Ryan because he knew he was in trouble. He went right to timeout. When I wasn't mad anymore, which took a little bit longer thn usual, I brought Macey to him. I told him that throwing isn't okay...blah blah blah...and showed him Macey's 'boo-boos'. He squinted his eyes, scrunched his nose and said..."where?"

Poor baby

He's giving her kisses...finally

I couldn't stay mad at this cute face for very long. Notice the little bruise under his right eye. He fell yesterday and EVERY time he falls he hits his right eye. Go figure.

And they're friends again...somewhat forced by me, but friends nonetheless

This is the look I got when I tried to just get a cute picture of the two of them together. I think I'll be seeing this look a lot over the next 18 years! That's okay... I of course didn't get a picture of my "you are in so much better run fast" look that I gave him. But he might see that a lot over the next 18 years too.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random pictures

Isn't this the cutest picture? I can't wait until Macey is old enough to play with Ryan. He just loves her. Except when I'm holding her. Lately he is starting to act a little bit more jealous. He brings me her bouncy seat, or exersaucer, and tells me to put her in it because he wants up. He doesn't exactly phrase it that way...he says it by pointing to Macey, pointing to the bouncy seat and then saying UP, please...with a smile of course. He usually wins. That little stinker.

In Michigan making cookies with the little ones. Ryan thinks Cole is so cool. I think this is the sweetest little picture.

Ryan decided to sort my mom's mail while he was waiting for me to make breakfast.

This is what Macey thought of Christmas this year.
I asked Ryan to give Macey her binky. He couldn't find it, so he brought her about 15...none of which we her actual binky. But they stayed entertained for about 5 minutes while he put them in her mouth one by one.

Oh I just love her. She is such a snuggly little doll.

Christmas...kind of

As most of you know, I am a horrible picture taker. But if there were one day out of the year I should take pictures, it would probably be Christmas. Well, you are wrong. I got a few, but none of the 'festivities' itself. We had fondue and presents with Scott's family, Christmas morning at our own house and then left for Michigan the next day where the kids and I stayed for 2 weeks. It was a great Christmas 'break' and I'm already a little bit sad that it's over.

Scott was explaining the nativity to Ryan. He didn't think that it was complete so he went and took the OSU football player ornament off the tree and added it to the set before we could finish. Does anyone else think that is funny?
Playing around with Grandpa.

Ryan and I decided to be 'creative' a couple of days before Christmas and we made puppets. He insisted on having one eye and two noses. I think his turned out nice...

This can't be comfortable...

Ode to Teddy

Ryan takes teddy with him everywhere. I've also grown quite attached to the stinky little bear. At one point I didn't think we could EVER survive without teddy, but lately, I've seen some promising progress.
We went to Build-a-Bear and though Ryan hated the experience, he loves the bear. Now he carries both teddies around with him.

And then the other night, He begged me to let him take the peanut butter jar to bed with him. So he slept with both teddies...and the peanut butter jar. So should I consider this progress?