Monday, November 1, 2010


I just realized I never published this post and it was sitting as a draft. Oops. And now I'm too lazy to even comment on any of it. So I will give you the abbreviated version. Halloween was a blast this year. I felt like I was re-living my childhood trick or treating with the kids. It was fantastic! Ryan was spiderman and he stopped at every house to show them his muscles. He was so much fun. He told me that someday he will be big enough to go trick or treating by himself...But that I shouldn't worry because he will be there to hold my hand and take me from house to house because if he gets bigger then I will get littler. (what?) It was cute nonetheless :)
Macey was a fairy princess thing and she was so stinking cute. We just had a great time.
We also had a Halloween party Saturday night which was so much fun. Too much fun. It was complete with costumes, an overly decorated house and a flaming pumpkin. What's not to enjoy?
Lastly, we went over to our friends' house to participate in the 'spook' house they set up. I have to admit that it was very well done. But I felt really bad for all of the little toddlers who screamed and cried because they were so scared...Macey included. I told Ryan that if anyone tried to scare him that he could just punch them in the face. So he walked up showed his big muscles and was ready to punch! But then it was just Scott so he ended up laughing at 'silly daddy'.
All in all, Halloween was just too much fun this year. I wish Ihad the desire to comment on each photo...but I don't. And I haven't mastered the art of blogger so all of my photos are out of order. So here you have all of the various Halloween events we attended! At least I got the Halloween pictures up (and the decorations down) before Thanksgiving :)