Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ryan is a Cuddlebug

Ryan likes to cuddle with his stuffed animals a lot now whether he's awake or sleeping. It is very cute. This first picture makes me laugh every time I see it.

Bath Time

Ryan really likes to chew on everything he sees now. I had a hard time giving him a bath tonight because he wouldn't keep his hands or feet out of his mouth! Today at his doctor's appointment he tried to eat the doctor's fingers, coat and hair. It was pretty embarassing because he wouldn't let go, but I'm sure she's seen worse :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just Cute

There's nothing special about these pictures. I just thought he looked cute today. He hates wearing shoes.

He won...by the end of church today his shoes and socks were both off.

Rolling Over

Everything started out just fine... Then things got pretty bad... Then they got worse...

Until finally... he did it!! When I roll him over, he thinks it's a game. When he has to do it himself, it's a whole different story.

Happy Baby

He was so happy playing with his gym. He always gets stuck in this corner.
I almost had a smile in this picture... But then he got distracted by his dad walking by.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ryan at the Lake... Before experiencing the water

Ryan was pretty apprehensive about the whole trip to the lake. He didn't like being hot (and it was 95 degrees). He didn't want to wear his hat and he kept trying to kick his water shoes off. All in all, he was pretty cranky the whole day.

He was the happiest when I just put him in his carseat. Eventually he fell asleep.

Ryan at the Lake

He was not excited about the water at the lake...We put his water shoes on and decided to dip his feet in slowly. But he just kept pulling his legs up so we couldn't dip them in.
Then we did and he started screaming. He was so mad. He screamed so loud I had to walk him around in the stroller to calm him down.

Ryan's gym

Ryan loves to play in his gym. His favorite thing is to eat this rattle. He goes for it immediately when I put him under the arch. His other favorite thing is to talk to the little red bird that hangs down. He talked to it for about 10 minutes straight the other day!

Tummy Time

Ryan really does not enjoy tummy time. He's getting better at it, but he doesn't last very long. I tried to keep him occupied with this hedgehog. Unfortunately, he thought the hedgehog was going to feed him...
He's going in for the kill... Giving it a taste...

And....he's latched on. He tried latching on about 4 times before he realized it wasn't for food. I laughed all 4 times.

Happy Ryan!

He looks like such a big boy!

Ryan wakes up happy everyday. He'll laugh and play for about an hour and then he's ready for a nap. There have been times when I think he's still sleeping in the morning but he is really just in his room cooing and talking to himself. It's nice to not wake up to a crying baby anymore! In this picture we were also changing his diaper and he definitely likes his naked time.