Friday, May 30, 2008


Now a list of things that have happened over the past 2 months that I didn't manage to take pictures of:

1. A trip to Georgia to see my brother who just came back from Iraq
2. A trip to Michigan
3. We painted the babies' room and completely redecorated Michaela's
4. Ryan's first trip to the zoo
5. Ryan's first time at the park
6. A perfectly wonderful Mother's Day
7. Our Memorial Day picnic at the lake

Here are some random facts about Ryan:
1. He has 9 teeth (2 molars- those were terrible nights)
2. He talks like CRAZY. I don't know what he's saying half the time, but it must be something interesting because he gets really excited about it
3. His favorite thing in the whole world is his Teddy. Maybe one of these days I'll actually get a picture of him with Teddy. I'm surprised I haven't yet because he rarely puts it down. My sister got him a onesie that says "Me and Teddy...we're tight". It is so perfect and cute.
4. He loves Playhouse Disney. I mistakingly put him in his high chair with the laptop in front of him one day (so I could make dinner in peace) and turned Playhouse Disney on. Now, he begs to get in his high chair so he can watch it all the time now. I guess it could be worse...
5. He is still not walking! He'll take a few steps but then just gets down and crawls to whatever he wants. He'll walk for awhile next to to me if I hold his hand. He's got about 9 weeks to figure out how to walk all the time, because I can't carry two around!
6. He adores his daddy. In the morning when I get him out of his crib, I take him into our room to see Scott. When he sees him he says, "Daddy!" and jumps down to give him a big hug. It is really sweet. He doesn't do that for me :( In fact, I'm pretty much chopped liver when Scott is around!! He's a daddy's boy!
7. His favorite game is to play catch with a basketball or football (full-sized...they're both almost as big as he is)
8. He got his first black eye! He fell and hit a rubbermaid box while walking a little bit. No wonder he would rather crawl :)

In just 9 weeks (after a really LONG pregnancy) we'll finally have our yet-to-be-named little girl! Wish us luck!

Let's Play Catch Up

Well, it's official. I am the world's worst blogger. In addition to that, I am also the world's worst picture taker. Here are a few pictures that I did manage to take :)


Ryan enjoying his birthday cake

Ryan is completely obsessed with basketballs. Every Sunday he points to the gym and cries to get in because he wants to throw the basketball. (That's how we keep him occupied on Wednesday nights because Scott and I both have activities at church). So we attempted to be creative and make a basketball cake. It was a disaster...but Scott and I laughed really hard while we were making it. Bad cake...good memories.

Ryan getting cleaned up in the kitchen sink. FYI- yes the white shirt did come out stain free.

Ryan's favorite present was a basketball hoop for the bathtub.

It was Scott's favorite toy too.



Ryan was coloring with his new beginner markers. He decided to try and eat it when he was all done playing. It looked kind of like lipstick. I can almost picture my new little girl....

Pucker Up

He didn't know what I was laughing at, but he was pretty proud of whatever it was!