Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where have we been?

Well my laptop broke and now I just don't make the time for blogging. So here are a few random pictures of the last two months.

I'm not sure this one needs a caption.

I love how much these two love each other. Here they are watching some captivating PBS cartoon.

It has been established that Ryan is NOT a climber. I didn't know what climbing was until Macey came around. So here is my sweet little boy "climbing' the wall at the zoo.

And another trip to the zoo. This is by far the coolest double stroller. The seats can face each other, or when they start kicking each other (because inevitably they do) I can turn them around in just a quick little push of a button. It also has a carseat carrier too. This trip to the zoo we got interviewed for the local news. I was sure it was going to be my big tv debut...but I never watched it to see if I got cut.

Family reunion time. We went to two reunions last month...but only took pictures at one... of course. Our family color was light blue, which is why we are so fantastically coordinated.

What is childhood without a kool-aid grin?

Ryan fishing with Grandpa.

Scott and I decided to go for a canoe ride. Here I am looking comfortable and relaxed in the VERY tippy canoe.

Scott took Ryan in the VERY tippy canoe too, but finally decided that maybe the paddle boat was safer :)

I just included these cute pictures of Macey because they show her mischievous little personality. She is a monster...

But an awfully cute monster.

More to come of Macey's first birthday! Hopefully it won't take me two months to post them :)