Monday, October 12, 2009

Proof that the Millers dont wear pajamas all day everyday

Our first professional family pictures...ever :) Here are just a few, so enjoy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I never know what to title these things


This hat makes her look so tiny...and top heavy!

And what would a Miller photo op be without at least one picture of someone with food all over his face...

Ryan and Macey have a new game...Ryan goes outside and shuts the slider door and they give high fives through the glass...give kisses, etc. In this picture, however, they were actually licking each other. Shortly after I took the picture Ryan opened the door and closed the screen door instead and they kept up with the licking and laughing. How gross is that?

Another mess. What am I going to do with these two? Our basement has a play room and the kids DESTROYED it. Took every game off of the shelves and dumped them, took all of the blankets out, dumped all of the toys and then went to the storage room and found this infant tub and bouncy seat and thought they would make perfect lounge chairs. I found them watching Madagascar while relaxing. Where was I you ask? Beats me, but I'm sure I was off doing something very responsible...and productive... :)

The zoo! Ryan loves the zoo but his favorite parts never involve the animals. This time it was the park...

...and the train! He and Noah even got to ring the bell the WHOLE way around the track....twice.

Macey has discovered her belly button and is obsessed. She thinks everyone is as excited about her belly button as she is. So she was a little upset that she couldn't see it with her onesie on!

This is how Macey enjoyed her day at the zoo. Lounging in the stroller eating her lunch.

The kids now love going to the bank...ever since the sweet little teller lady gave them suckers...but fun can only last for so long....


"But Mom...I want the blue one too....and Macey won't share"

"If you only knew how good this was... mmmm"