Friday, September 25, 2009

This is going to be a big one!

You know how you can be doing really well at something like, working out or reading your scriptures, or something else you should be doing daily...and then all the sudden something happens that interrupts your pattern and it's really hard to start up again? Well that's how blogging is for me. Sometimes it's really easy, but then all it took this time to mess up my habit was moving, two vacations, two broken computers and a sick Macey puking in her bed 4 nights in a row...while our washing machine was broken. But we're all back to normal now so here is what has been happening since my last post.

New House
First, we moved. We love our new house. I have trees everywhere and it is going to make the fall much more fun :) Plus we have a fenced in backyard. Can't complain about that! It's great because when the kids fell asleep on their walk, I just parked them on the patio, went inside and fixed dinner and watched them out my window the whole time.

Ryan also loves that the house has a 'circle' inside that he can run know through every room in the house. Here he is in action!

Macey's Birthday
Macey turned 1!! She is such an animal. We love her so much! She is also walking now. She is pretty hilarious to watch. She has the WORST balance. She looks drunk all the time. Sometimes when she trips, she just falls right into a somersault. Which is probably pretty hard to picture, but believe me, it's funny. She also has developed a mode of self-defense...Her weapon of choice is pinching. She gets this really determined scowl on her face and just attacks Ryan (or me) when she's mad. I have to keep her nails cut really short :) Macey is so spunky. Her personality is so difficult to put into words. The first word that comes to everyone's mind is 'crazy'. hahaha. Love that girl. She's fast, loud and adventurous. She LOVES to climb...on anything. She loves to climb up slides, belly flop, and then slide down only to repeat the process 15 more times. She loves playing in sand and much to my chagrin, she loves dirt. I never had to buy Shout until she came around :) She is just a true little bundle of joy that keeps me on my toes. Oh yes, and she still doesn't sleep through the night. She fooled me into thinking she would for a little while, but it didn't last. She's up wailing on and off for about an hour each night still. I don't get up with her (I'm not mean...she's 14 months old for crying out loud) but I can still hear her LOUD wail and it keeps me up. But did I mention that we love her :)

She is just so kissable!

The whole family celebrating Macey's birthday.

The cake and its inspiration! My sister also made a really cute cake for her in Michigan, but all of those pictures are on my moms camera.

Ryan went around saying monkey cake all day while making this face. He's so weird :)

Michaela's Birthday
Michaela also turned 12! She is officially in YW which is really weird. She is such a good girl. She is the perfect big sister and perfect babysitter. I really don't know what we would do without her!

Finally, Michaela's true personality captured on film :)

Ryan enjoying Michaela's birthday cake with his new "I'm going to stick my tongue out in EVERY single picture" face

Macey also thoroughly enjoying the cake!

Random Fun!

Ryan LOVES to ride our jetski. He loves it in the water, but really loves it in the garage because he can drive it.

We gave Macey her first ice cream cone...which she devoured

...and then smeared all over her hair

I cant believe I am posting this picture because of my ridiculous face...but I finally got Macey's hair in pigtails and she looked so cute I had to post it.

Just some videos to enjoy. The first one is of Ryan saying "I'm a sweetheart" but the first time he said it I had no idea what he said...and if you ask me, it sure doesn't sound like sweetheart :) This is not PC at all, but I can't help but laugh every time he calls someone a sweetheart. Someday someone in public is going to ask me what I have been teaching my child. Sorry about the food in his mouth, sometimes you just take what you can get.

The second video is of Macey 'dancing'. Grandpa has this car that plays music and she likes one song in particular. She kept getting mad when we would turn it off or change the song...I didn't get it on camera the first time when Michaela kept switching the song on her, but this one was pretty funny too. And I do know her pajamas are 2 sizes too big. This was when our washer was broken :)Enjoy!