Monday, December 14, 2009

Two posts in ONE day!

Not a whole lot to say about these pictures. Just some fun!

Three things we learned during FHE tonight:

1. Scott and I were never meant to be architects, designers or anything of the sort. Ryan wanted to make a barn and thank goodness for that because we couldn't get the 4th wall to stay up. I also wish we could say that we gave Ryan the freedom to decorate however he wanted...but this was all me and Scott....

Because All Ryan wanted to do was eat the candy! This will be one of those blackmail pictures in 15 years...trying to say cheese but his mouth was too full of gumdrops.

2. Macey has a REALLY sensitive gag reflex. She threw up after Scott squirted Redi-Whip in her mouth. Poor kid...doesn't know what she's missing. Here she is finger painting with it instead.

3. FHE is fun :) Here are the babies hugging and admiring 'their' handiwork

One last thing....Can someone please tell me how Macey starts the day so cute:

(I know I already posted this picture)
...and then 12 short hours later looks like this? No sweater. No barrette. No pants actually. One sock. From now on the camera only comes out before naptime and definitely before the nightly chase/wrestle/tickle routine begins.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Little Monster

I usually don't do the cheesy posts, but I can't help it. I am so obsessed with Macey right now. When she was born, I bonded with her immediately. I wanted her in my hospital room the whole time and just couldn't get over her. Now 16 months later, I know why that bond was so strong....because she DRIVES ME CRAZY and I still love her :) Seriously, her little smile makes me smile in a way that nobody else's does...but she also makes me more mad than anyone else. Let me explain:

She is CRAZY. She wrestles with Ryan and body slams him to the floor. My house used to be so quiet until she started engaging Ryan in screaming contests (which make us laugh pretty hard). She climbs on, in, under (anything but around) everything. She can ransack cupboards, drawers, toy chests faster than anything. She pinches, pushes and then screams and tells on Ryan whenever he gets mad at her.

On the flip side, she gives the BEST hugs. snuggles right in. She gives kisses a lot. For every pinch she gives Ryan, she gives him a million kisses. (Ryan says multiple times a day, “Oh Macey just loves me.”) Her giggle is insanely contagious. She is such a dramatic girl...the other day she got her shots and the rest of the day she pointed to her legs and whimpered lol. Last but not least...she is just so darn fun. She has added a whole different dimension to our family and we laugh so hard because of her.

Here is her cute little self all dressed up the other day after church.

We got Ryan a race track for Christmas...which he found about 2 weeks ago. I told him we had to ask Santa if he could open it. For about a week after that, every time Scott came home from work Ryan screamed "Is it santa?". After running to the door and seeing it wasn't, he said, "Oh. You're not Santa. You're just daddy." Then hunched his shoulders and sulked. So we caved and gave it to him early lol. But Ryan and Macey will play with it forever so it was a gift worth giving! (although you can't see it, Ryan has the remote and they are zipping cars around in this picture)

Apparently nursery in our new ward is pretty fun. Macey wants DESPERATELY to go. In fact, she spends about 2 hours on sundays sitting outside the door knocking to get in. When I do actually get her to go to class with me she cries and begs to go out to the nursery door. When I picked Ryan up the other day I found him a little in hair a mess, shoes off, socks off, tie (or tag as he calls it) off, coat off...face beat red. He didn't want to leave. Sounds fun to me lol. Thank goodness for nursery.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Two Holidays Later...

I realize it is December. However, I thought that I lost my camera (which I didn't) and so I just now got pictures from Halloween and Thanksgiving from family members. I also realize that this blog in general epitomizes my sense of punctuality :) But anyway...Here are a few:

My little Tinkerbell. She was so Trunk-or-treat she was off in the corner twirling in her skirt all by herself in her own little world. I can't help but laugh at her sometimes. Most of the time, actually.

My very grumpy football player. What kid gets mad about having to go trick-or-treating?!?

The only picture of the cousins we could get: Cole, Macey, Adria, Grandma Offhaus and Ryan
Devouring their goods. Not only did they dump out every toy bin, but they came right inside and dumped their candy everywhere. They already had a stash of wrappers beside them by the time I found them.

But honestly, my family was in town so my sisters and I were too busy doing more important things to realize the TEN POUNDS of candy our kids ate when we all got home.

Exhibit A.

I LOVE this picture. One of my favorites of Macey...ever. For those of you who have never met her, this is Macey in a nutshell. If I could just bottle up this cute, pudgy, rascal of a face forever I would.
She is giggling at Ryan...and showing him her candy she is chewing. Such a lady she is...

I think she was hiding candy in her mouth...but seriously, it was 2 months ago so who knows.

Scott's side of the family at Thanksgiving.'s all I've got.

Sunday, November 15, 2009 more!

My sister just reminded me of one of the funnier comments that Ryan has I thought my previous list of funny comments wouldn't be complete without it:

This year while Ryan was trick-or-treating he was really drawn to Milk Duds. So whenever he picked a piece of candy, he picked Milk Duds. Which means, he came home from trunk-or-treat with about 20 boxes of Milk Duds. So when we came home and he dove into his candy he of course went for the Milk Duds. Imagine his surprise when he opened them up and they just weren't what he expected....

"Oh no Mom! There is poop in my candy!"

Needless to say, I ate about 20 boxes of Milk Duds because I happen to like the poopy candy.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I love living with a two year old. He says so many funny things. I should write them all down because they are so hard to remember. But here is a glimpse of the everyday Millers...and what makes life so fun! Sorry the formatting is so weird. For some reason, blogger kept deleting the spaces I put between each conversation, so I had to go the old bold/non-bold route. Hope it's not too confusing.

Before bed the other night:
Scott: Tomorrow is Saturday, Ryan. I can't wait to play with you.
Ryan: I'm not a toy dad!
Me: are so goofy!
Ryan: And I'm Mickey Mouse!
On our way to church the Sunday after Halloween:
Ryan: I love church! I get candy!
Scott: Well, we only get candy at trunk-or-treat...that was a special day.
Ryan: Oh. So no candy?
Scott: Nope.
Ryan: (Pouts in the backseat) I want to go home and play with Cole then.
Sunday someone in church gave a talk and mentioned an old neighbor of his named Ryan who made the decision to go back to school to finish his degree:
Ryan: That guy is talking about me, dad!!
Us: (chuckle)
Ryan: (gasp) I'm going to school...on a BUS?
Me to Scott: He's listening?!
Ryan and Scott were wrestling and when Scott was done Ryan wanted me to lift him up...throw him up in the air, etc.
Me: I can't play like that...I'm not as strong as daddy is.
Ryan: Do you need to exercise more?
Me: Ryan...why arent you eating your breakfast?
Ryan: (completely distraught) I don't want to be a big boy...I want to stay little!!!
Me: Ryan, why did you push Macey off the step?
Ryan: (Shrugging with his arms up) Well...because she was in my way.
Ryan: Remember, Macey, don't touch the fire (in the fireplace) will cook you like a hot dog. Or Macaroni n cheese.
Dog next door: BARK BARK BARK BARK
Ryan: Ugh. I HATE that stupid dog.
Me: (Smiling innocently) Oops... :)
Me: Ryan...what are you and Macey playing with?
Ryan: (running over to show me two balls) These.
Ryan: Can we play with these mom?
Me: Yes, Ryan. Of course you can play with your balls.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Proof that the Millers dont wear pajamas all day everyday

Our first professional family pictures...ever :) Here are just a few, so enjoy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I never know what to title these things


This hat makes her look so tiny...and top heavy!

And what would a Miller photo op be without at least one picture of someone with food all over his face...

Ryan and Macey have a new game...Ryan goes outside and shuts the slider door and they give high fives through the glass...give kisses, etc. In this picture, however, they were actually licking each other. Shortly after I took the picture Ryan opened the door and closed the screen door instead and they kept up with the licking and laughing. How gross is that?

Another mess. What am I going to do with these two? Our basement has a play room and the kids DESTROYED it. Took every game off of the shelves and dumped them, took all of the blankets out, dumped all of the toys and then went to the storage room and found this infant tub and bouncy seat and thought they would make perfect lounge chairs. I found them watching Madagascar while relaxing. Where was I you ask? Beats me, but I'm sure I was off doing something very responsible...and productive... :)

The zoo! Ryan loves the zoo but his favorite parts never involve the animals. This time it was the park...

...and the train! He and Noah even got to ring the bell the WHOLE way around the track....twice.

Macey has discovered her belly button and is obsessed. She thinks everyone is as excited about her belly button as she is. So she was a little upset that she couldn't see it with her onesie on!

This is how Macey enjoyed her day at the zoo. Lounging in the stroller eating her lunch.

The kids now love going to the bank...ever since the sweet little teller lady gave them suckers...but fun can only last for so long....


"But Mom...I want the blue one too....and Macey won't share"

"If you only knew how good this was... mmmm"

Friday, September 25, 2009

This is going to be a big one!

You know how you can be doing really well at something like, working out or reading your scriptures, or something else you should be doing daily...and then all the sudden something happens that interrupts your pattern and it's really hard to start up again? Well that's how blogging is for me. Sometimes it's really easy, but then all it took this time to mess up my habit was moving, two vacations, two broken computers and a sick Macey puking in her bed 4 nights in a row...while our washing machine was broken. But we're all back to normal now so here is what has been happening since my last post.

New House
First, we moved. We love our new house. I have trees everywhere and it is going to make the fall much more fun :) Plus we have a fenced in backyard. Can't complain about that! It's great because when the kids fell asleep on their walk, I just parked them on the patio, went inside and fixed dinner and watched them out my window the whole time.

Ryan also loves that the house has a 'circle' inside that he can run know through every room in the house. Here he is in action!

Macey's Birthday
Macey turned 1!! She is such an animal. We love her so much! She is also walking now. She is pretty hilarious to watch. She has the WORST balance. She looks drunk all the time. Sometimes when she trips, she just falls right into a somersault. Which is probably pretty hard to picture, but believe me, it's funny. She also has developed a mode of self-defense...Her weapon of choice is pinching. She gets this really determined scowl on her face and just attacks Ryan (or me) when she's mad. I have to keep her nails cut really short :) Macey is so spunky. Her personality is so difficult to put into words. The first word that comes to everyone's mind is 'crazy'. hahaha. Love that girl. She's fast, loud and adventurous. She LOVES to climb...on anything. She loves to climb up slides, belly flop, and then slide down only to repeat the process 15 more times. She loves playing in sand and much to my chagrin, she loves dirt. I never had to buy Shout until she came around :) She is just a true little bundle of joy that keeps me on my toes. Oh yes, and she still doesn't sleep through the night. She fooled me into thinking she would for a little while, but it didn't last. She's up wailing on and off for about an hour each night still. I don't get up with her (I'm not mean...she's 14 months old for crying out loud) but I can still hear her LOUD wail and it keeps me up. But did I mention that we love her :)

She is just so kissable!

The whole family celebrating Macey's birthday.

The cake and its inspiration! My sister also made a really cute cake for her in Michigan, but all of those pictures are on my moms camera.

Ryan went around saying monkey cake all day while making this face. He's so weird :)

Michaela's Birthday
Michaela also turned 12! She is officially in YW which is really weird. She is such a good girl. She is the perfect big sister and perfect babysitter. I really don't know what we would do without her!

Finally, Michaela's true personality captured on film :)

Ryan enjoying Michaela's birthday cake with his new "I'm going to stick my tongue out in EVERY single picture" face

Macey also thoroughly enjoying the cake!

Random Fun!

Ryan LOVES to ride our jetski. He loves it in the water, but really loves it in the garage because he can drive it.

We gave Macey her first ice cream cone...which she devoured

...and then smeared all over her hair

I cant believe I am posting this picture because of my ridiculous face...but I finally got Macey's hair in pigtails and she looked so cute I had to post it.

Just some videos to enjoy. The first one is of Ryan saying "I'm a sweetheart" but the first time he said it I had no idea what he said...and if you ask me, it sure doesn't sound like sweetheart :) This is not PC at all, but I can't help but laugh every time he calls someone a sweetheart. Someday someone in public is going to ask me what I have been teaching my child. Sorry about the food in his mouth, sometimes you just take what you can get.

The second video is of Macey 'dancing'. Grandpa has this car that plays music and she likes one song in particular. She kept getting mad when we would turn it off or change the song...I didn't get it on camera the first time when Michaela kept switching the song on her, but this one was pretty funny too. And I do know her pajamas are 2 sizes too big. This was when our washer was broken :)Enjoy!