Sunday, June 13, 2010

He's Here!

Kyle Maxwell Miller finally arrived on Wednesday! I went into labor on his due date but he was born 31 minutes late :) That would have been our second baby right on his due date!! Oh well :) He is our first blonde baby but other than that he looks just like a Miller Baby. He is the sweetest little boy :)

Kyle Maxwell Miller
8 lb 7 oz 20.5 in

The kids are adjusting very well. Ryan is obsessed with the baby and has nicknamed him Buzz Lightyear Marks. Not sure why...but now Macey calls him Buzz too. Other times Ryan will call him mini Ryan because he has heard us say that is what he looks like! Whatever they call him, all 3 kids are very proud to have a new baby brother.

They even shared their special friends with him...Teddy and Monkey.

They quickly took their stuffed animals back...but said he could keep the blue and yellow bear that rattles.

More pictures to come!