Monday, May 25, 2009

Pictures that I love

Just a little cutie!

And another little cutie!

I love how my kids just adore their grandparents! The way she is looking at grandpa miller is just priceless.

Ryan and I were playing chase at the park!

Ryan is so sweet. But he never gives me kisses and never says I love you. Such a boy. Whenever I want a kiss, he gives me his cheek or forehead and often rolls his eyes. Whenever I ask him to say I love you he screams NOOOOOOOO! It's sad, I know. But I found that he will give kisses for fruit snacks! In this picture, the fruit snacks were gone...he refused to give any more kisses and so I had to resort to stealing them and torturing him with smooches. Sheesh. What a stinker.

My kids also love Aunt Stephanie. Ryan begs for her to come and play all of the time. Anytime he sees a black car he says Aunt Steppy's car!! Here are Macey and Aunt Stephanie at the park.

Michaela water skiing at grandma and grandpas.

Very very cold and ready to be done!

Little Ryan had too busy of a weekend with the grandparents and fell asleep on the boat.

Our sweet little Macey is really starting to show her personality and we love her! She is so sweet. She is different from Ryan in so many ways but just as cute. For instance, Ryan calls her Messy Macey because she is such a bad eater. Ryan is constantly trying to clean Macey with wipes, tissues, rags, etc. It is so funny. Ryan is the tough guy and Macey is definitely a sensitive little soul. Recently we went to the doctor and Ryan got his shots. He didn't complain a fact, he gave the nurse a high five when she was done. During that same visit, Macey had a dirty diaper so I changed her. She screamed so loud during a diaper change the nurse came back in to check on us. Ryan is also very can see his little brain working and plotting what he is going to do about something. Macey, however, seems to be a bit more impulsive. When she wants something she just goes for it! Anyway, she is so carefree and we just love her and can't wait to see how she keeps changing. I can see her a few years down the road twirling in a pretty little skirt just absorbing every little thing in this life...just look at her awe and amazement when Ryan showed her his tractor.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The kids "Going to Bed"

So this video is only of my kids' bedroom door. Kinda boring, I know. BUT putting the babies in the same room (so Michaela can have her own room) has been an adventure. Sometimes frustrating and sometimes really funny. Tonight I put them to bed and for an HOUR they had a screaming contest. Ryan would scream so hard that he would cough....they would both laugh and then Macey would scream so hard she started coughing. I couldn't even tell who was who. So I went upstairs to catch it on tape just because these are the kinds of things that make being a mom fun and one of those things I will want to remember. When I got upstairs I realized they were both jumping in their cribs too and that made me laugh even harder. I wish I could have snuck the video camera in, but just the sound will have to suffice. I caught them in a lull so sorry it takes a minute for them to really get going. I realize that you all will not think it's quite as funny as me, but I had some requests from family here it is!


Well, my report on Mother's Day is so typically "Miller" it makes me laugh. First, I don't have any pictures. Second, there was no breakfast in big bouquet of flowers. Scott is really sick so he got to enjoy all of the mother's day priviliges. Instead, I woke up with my kids at 4:30 (one of the frustrating parts of having the babies in the same room)...gave the kids baths, made my own sad little mother's day protein shake breakfast and hauled the kids off to church by myself. So - my real mother's day came when my kids were PERFECT during church! PERFECT. Sat all through sacrament...even when I had to get up to play the piano. Macey fell asleep on me...Ryan 'sang' the songs with me. Then they both took 3 hour naps when we got home. Perfect.

In case you are all feeling sorry for my protein shake breakfast...I should tell you that Scott already gave me my mother's day present last week so it was okay that his poor little sickie self slept in :)