Friday, October 10, 2008

Jumbo Post

This is what happened when I tried to help Ryan perfect his fine motor skills by having him color, with colored pencils, a picture of Blue from Blue's Clues (who happens to be a girl...did everyone else know that?). Plan backfired. I turned my head for what I suppose was a rather long minute and I'm pretty sure he reached the box of markers and ate one.

Ryan helped me bake a carrot cake the other day by emptying out the entire tupperware cabinet for me. He did such a great job, I let him lick the spatula when I was done frosting the cake. I think he inherited my sweet tooth because his face lit up when he tasted it!

Grandma Miller wanted to do Macey's hair after her bath the other day. Voila!

Snug as a bug! Macey LOVES her swing and that means that I LOVE her swing too :)

I have a lot of pictures of her in the swing...I think in this pictures she's rubbing it in that she kept me up all night and then she got to sleep all day.

I thought this General Conference was great, and it's the first one I didn't fall asleep during, in...I don't know, ever probably. We went to our friends' house to watch it and Ryan enjoyed their toys as much as Scott and I enjoyed conference. It was a win-win situation.

We ran down to the park for a break between sessions. At the park, Ryan ran away to the basketball court where he found a lone basketball sitting in the grass. It made his day. Shortly thereafter, we realized that we were being followed at an uncomfortably close distance, by a teenager that appeared out of nowhere. It turns out that it was his abandoned ball that Ryan was playing with and he wanted it back. Bummer.

Just some fun outside.

Ryan has added football to his sports repetoire and he has learned how to hike a football. He usually uses his little one and got frustrated because the full-sized ball was too big to fit through his legs. Pretty cute anyway!!