Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sleeping Beauties

I really do give my kids naps. Good naps actually. Long naps. And yet- here they are at their finest...

(Because he has never actually fallen asleep on the wood floor, I did make sure he was breathing before I got the camera)

This is how Macey spends most of our walks and visits to the park.

The first time he fell asleep in his high chair I was so upset because my camera battery was dead. Little did I know, it would become a regular thing...

Macey has all sorts of girly stuffed animals, but she really prefers the monkey over everything else. How can I argue when she looks this cute?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To Be a Kid Again

Wouldn't it be great to be a kid again?

If I was tired...I would sleep

If I thought I did a really good job on the Wii (even though I wasn't even really playing) I would cheer for myself...
If I thought my handprint was the cooler than yours, I would say so

I would tell my mom that makeshift timeouts before bathtime don't work because I will just raid her bookshelf for a great novel and then jump back on the bed before she notices.

But the next time I would just admit defeat and put myself in timeout when I hit my sister.

I would attack my biter biscuit as if it were drenched in chocolate.

And on the rare occasion it was drenched in chocolate, I wouldn't complain!

I would make my sister's day by sharing my race car...but then I would quickly find her something else to play with because I would want it back.

I would pull my mom's hair over and over....

And then laugh about it for a really long time because I know she loves me too much to get mad! is so good!