Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Watch out LeBron

Highlights of the Week

1. Ryan labeling items in a book, and upon seeing a lion, says 'mom' over and over. That's nice.
2. Ryan climbing on the table while I'm putting groceries away, and falling off...twice.
3. Ryan wiping desitin all over the dog.
4. Ryan drawing on the walls for the first time.
5. Ryan flushing the toilet so many times while I'm feeding Macey that it overflows
6. Last but not least....Ryan covering Macey's head with a tupperware bowl because she wouldn't stop crying. Awesome.

As you can see, I've had a great week. So thankfully I have these cute pictures to remind myself that although Ryan is an 18 mo monster, he is still a little angel

Well, it's official. Macey is one big baby! She is so sweet too. I can't get enough of her!

Ryan saw Macey holding his teddy the other day and that didn't go over so well. So it was time to give Macey hers, which also didn't go over so well because now Ryan thinks he has two.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our Weekend

We had Macey blessed this weekend and therefore had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with our family on both sides. We had a great time. This is our first official updated family picture

Grandma Offhaus made Macey this PERFECT dress. She looked so pretty!
I thought this was a cute little smirk :)
So Everyone thinks Macey looks like me...but I'm not sure...
The Miller kids... Why is Macey the only one smiling?
Look at Macey's smile!

We also celebrated Michaela's 11th birthday this weekend. She just started 6th grade...which is crazy to me because I still have friends that I met BEFORE 6th grade!

To celebrate, she had a few friends from the ward over on Friday night for a very loud evening of pizza, banana splits and karaoke.

Random Pictures of our Cute Little Kids

Our sweet little boy.

Here is Macey with her eyes open!
This is Ryan's new face when he gets excited about something. Anytime someone walks in the door or he sees something he likes, he does this. It is so cute.
This was the first of about 100 baskets he made Grandpa Miller lift him up for.

This was Grandpa Offhaus' highlight of the week. Ryan never cuddles with anyone...except Grandpa Offhaus of course!

Cole was so excited to see Baby Macey. He even asked his mom and dad if they could 'get one of these'. Please note that Cole has also been asking his mom and dad if they could send Adria (his sister) back to the hospital where she came from for about 3 months now.

Cole and Ryan playing at the park. Surprise... Ryan is on the basketball court and looking for a ball.

I think he's ready to go fishing with Grandpa Miller!

Sharing a bite of his sandwich with teddy. How sweet is that.