Sunday, November 15, 2009 more!

My sister just reminded me of one of the funnier comments that Ryan has I thought my previous list of funny comments wouldn't be complete without it:

This year while Ryan was trick-or-treating he was really drawn to Milk Duds. So whenever he picked a piece of candy, he picked Milk Duds. Which means, he came home from trunk-or-treat with about 20 boxes of Milk Duds. So when we came home and he dove into his candy he of course went for the Milk Duds. Imagine his surprise when he opened them up and they just weren't what he expected....

"Oh no Mom! There is poop in my candy!"

Needless to say, I ate about 20 boxes of Milk Duds because I happen to like the poopy candy.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I love living with a two year old. He says so many funny things. I should write them all down because they are so hard to remember. But here is a glimpse of the everyday Millers...and what makes life so fun! Sorry the formatting is so weird. For some reason, blogger kept deleting the spaces I put between each conversation, so I had to go the old bold/non-bold route. Hope it's not too confusing.

Before bed the other night:
Scott: Tomorrow is Saturday, Ryan. I can't wait to play with you.
Ryan: I'm not a toy dad!
Me: are so goofy!
Ryan: And I'm Mickey Mouse!
On our way to church the Sunday after Halloween:
Ryan: I love church! I get candy!
Scott: Well, we only get candy at trunk-or-treat...that was a special day.
Ryan: Oh. So no candy?
Scott: Nope.
Ryan: (Pouts in the backseat) I want to go home and play with Cole then.
Sunday someone in church gave a talk and mentioned an old neighbor of his named Ryan who made the decision to go back to school to finish his degree:
Ryan: That guy is talking about me, dad!!
Us: (chuckle)
Ryan: (gasp) I'm going to school...on a BUS?
Me to Scott: He's listening?!
Ryan and Scott were wrestling and when Scott was done Ryan wanted me to lift him up...throw him up in the air, etc.
Me: I can't play like that...I'm not as strong as daddy is.
Ryan: Do you need to exercise more?
Me: Ryan...why arent you eating your breakfast?
Ryan: (completely distraught) I don't want to be a big boy...I want to stay little!!!
Me: Ryan, why did you push Macey off the step?
Ryan: (Shrugging with his arms up) Well...because she was in my way.
Ryan: Remember, Macey, don't touch the fire (in the fireplace) will cook you like a hot dog. Or Macaroni n cheese.
Dog next door: BARK BARK BARK BARK
Ryan: Ugh. I HATE that stupid dog.
Me: (Smiling innocently) Oops... :)
Me: Ryan...what are you and Macey playing with?
Ryan: (running over to show me two balls) These.
Ryan: Can we play with these mom?
Me: Yes, Ryan. Of course you can play with your balls.