Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anyone miss me?

Well, blogger is being really obnoxious right now so this entire post is going to be backwards, and luckily for you, half of the pictures didnt show up. But oh well :) Why does it matter when I'm summing up the past 6 weeks in one post anyway?

Scott and I were fortunate enough to go to Dallas for a mini 'vacation' while his parents watched our kids. The real purpose of the trip was kind of sad, as we went down for my grandpa's funeral. But nevertheless we had a blast. It was a great time seeing family and we managed to do a lot of fun stuff. Since I am HORRIBLE with a camera, this is the only picture I got (aside from a million pictures of the aquarium that we took for Ryan). This car became a very big joke between me and well as the rest of the family. I made ONE little comment about how funny it was that we got an electric blue rental car and I am never going to live it down. But I wasn't the only one that thought an electric blue car was a bit of an eyesore....the hotel we stayed at was really swanky and it only had valet parking. The nice cars got the really close parking spots...jags, mercedes, bmw.... but our electric blue explorer got parked in the underground garage haha. We had to wait 10 minutes every time we wanted to leave the hotel. Anyway, things we didn't get pictures of: The Bodies Exhibit (which I would recomment to cool), the Dallas aquarium and lots of shopping. We had so much fun and were just glad Scott's parents were willing/able to watch the munchkins for us.

Miss Independent
Apparently Macey was hungry :) I'm CONSTANTLY struggling with Macey because she would rather 'graze' and eat than sit in her seat. But this time she listened! She took Ryan's booster seat down so she could start eating.

And then climbed up on the table to get into her seat. I guess her 'gourmet' meal of grilled cheese sandwiches and fruit was just too hard to pass up :)

"Look Mom! I buzzed my hair!"
I ran upstairs for TWO seconds to plug my phone in its charger. From upstairs I hear "BZZZZZZ" and the rest of the next 30 seconds occurred in slow motion....I flew downstairs screaming NOOOO but I wasn't fast enough. There was Ryan holding Scott's travel razor/trimmer thing. Then he said as proudly as possible 'I buzzed ours hair all by mineself'. I stepped out of the room for a minute to gather myself and then.....started laughing uncontrollably. When I went back into the room Ryan said "'s Macey's hair" and handed me a 3 inch section of hair. The best part was that when Scott got home, Ryan offered to cut his too :)
**You're probably wondering how Ryan got his razor/trimmer and how it ended up in the toy box. Scott was away on a trip and all I can think of is that Macey yanked it while Scott was packing.
Oh grows back :)

** side note: the wii has been a VERY bad thing for our least as far as productive activities and bedtimes are concerned :) Ryan's favorite is to "rock out", as he calls it, on the drums for rock band.

Little Cutie Pies
In the messy basement....brushing his teeth? Hopefully we brushed his hair next haha
Little spunky squirt :)

They were obsessed with the piano this year. It was the first thing they wanted to do when they woke up. It was pretty cute. They were so gentle and it was so sweet to watch them play. Maybe someday I will have a piano of my own so I can teach them to play for real!

Grandpa LOVES it when his little babies fall asleep on him. I think its his excuse to take a nap as well! Do all kids get bedhead as quickly as macey?
Hmm...sweater vest much? We didn't realize until after we came home from church that we all wore sweater vests haha.

Here is Macey enjoying her chocolate fondue...right before she puked it all up.
Christmas morning was so fun this year. Scott, Michaela and I were up at 4am because we couldn't sleep...AND because I caught Michaela downstairs sneaking a peek at the presents!!!!!!! After that, none of us could go back to sleep. So Michaela and Scott went and got doughnuts and hot chocolate and then we waited...and waited...watched home alone...and waited some more until the kids woke up at 830. It was worth it....we had a blast. Macey couldn't contain her excitement. We got lazy and didn't wrap the rest of the presents so they were just sitting out and the minute she saw all of the presents she literally ran to the tree and started going nuts.

Don't mind that the tree only has decorations on the top 2/3. Macey had a lot to do with that :)
Newest News
Last, but certainly not least...We found out that It's a Boy!!